About me~

Hemant Trivedi is a management graduate with specialize knowledge of marketing & strategic management. He is very big freak for anything talks about technology, mobiles. Love being into social networking and sometimes likes to put words @blog.

Hemant Trivedi, Presently is working in Africa with Dubai based Platinum Corporation FEZ. In past he has been worked with an Indian Ice cream giant Vadilal for their sales and marketing and eventually contributed to their nationwide reach via facebook & twitter tremendously.

Hemant loves being tagged in click and love photography. He has a passion for modelling and glamour. Love being among people he loves and cares.

As per Hemant the only one woman behind his today is his Grandmother! Who sacrificed almost everything for children and gave candle to him on a way to move at! Strength to face everything in life! Dream to make everything thing happen!

My Destination! Still long way to go…….

Survival is the easiest thing can happen to everyone anytime anyhow but if you live the way you love! you are called successful person. Do what you love being in right acceptable manner to the world!


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