In Life Either…

In Life Either: Questions are difficult or answers.

– When you lack something its question.

– When you lack something in yourself its answer.

We always lack something & keep on improving our life, work, status, relations or so… Definitely life is a learning process till the end. The more we learn, shorter we lack things in ourselves & then off course we find ourselves in comfort zone.
Still despite of all preparations we face tough time & situations where we lack answers & find ourselves in discomfort zone while having enough preparations.

Its my self realization. I don’t know how many of us would agree to this?

There are stages in life we find so uneasy to react, understand, implement. When we find that questions are difficult, we may find person/people to seek help from but when we find its answer which is difficult to give, we may not see a single person around us.
In between both conditions we learn more when we are on second side. While finding answers we learn life being in a very practical way. It helps us in understanding ourselves, our +vness, -veness, pros, cons, values, aims, likes, dislikes, comfort, discomfort, sorrow, happiness, people, process, life & so on……

It never goes as it is.
It goes as we take it but to make it happen we need to- THINK……….

Hemant Trivedi


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