You can grow where you develop, although growth & development both words are synonyms to each other. But here growth indicates achievement during career stage while you develop yourself with application of 360 degree approach at work. When you take more responsibilities at work, accept challenges and walk with courage to face situations. Remember, you are always assigned with pre-explained duties & task but despite of that if you are accompanied with enough knowledge you shall cross them. The only thing you shall take care of is “you shall not be part of others delegation resulting in way pointing you out as it is common phenomena to get blame for anything bad although when you are not concerned.

In process of employment employer chooses employee as well decision maker, who should have enough ability to judge and understand which helps in optimum decision & smooth flow of functions. Taking decisions are always liability for employees as they are always answerable and debatable over the decisions taken. But they are transparent till the time they reflect each one of decision taken to upper level. During all stuff they always get enough opportunity to learn and react wisely so that they get recognized by upper level people sitting top to them.

All is just matter of thought. You may assigned with a task you see small but its fact that every beginning is small.



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