Tech world & My Decision……..

Huge Tech world, Drastic and extreme development and decisions…..Is has become a huge matter of decision after I sold by blackberry Bold and I wanted to opt for new one..either Touch or Qwerty. But absence of perfect match as i found pros and cons with every device mainly because of integrated software system used to run application.

Some are know as business communicator, multimedia, entertaining device. With drastic change in look and design companies have adopted to gradual change in software like Android, Blackberry OS, Apple I-phone OS, windowsand Symbian+Anna OS. Google’s Android has been growing worldwide with its development and global presence resulting big cash cow Sony Ericsson & Motorola back to market as they have prepared cellphones based on Android which is already in practice by HTC and reason for Samsung Galaxy S & Galaxy S II success. Nokia on the other side has been through product relaunching and increase product lines and width extension C, X, N, E, Dual Sim to compete china made and small players has been resulting in confusion and has hampered its unique image and they made loss of 487m Million Euros in Q2 which made them force to take decision over their software to shift from Symbian+Anna to windows.

Can anyone aware of tech world.. think of buying Nokia today after their call for windows mobile launch? Still R & D about to about to update..decisions over to made. modules and platform to worked.. a long way to go Nokia…

Still software companies are struggling hard to attract companies. And upgrade of facebook, twitter, chat, mails, Maps has become prominent for them to get attract. Scenario has changed to many extent for software developer like Apple and Blackberry are able to compete with their innovated technology and R & D efforts. Other side Android is taking itself to next level with clubbing of many companies. And so called market dominant of Asia, Nokia has offered windows to make OS for its manufactured mobiles.

Still long way to watch………and my decision over it.. earlier it used to be purchase now it has become matter of CHOICE…It’s not like companies can’t innovate best with their sources.. they have forgotten their core value and following single way to get @next level.

Nokia still enjoy people’s faith and connect people…. It’s just how it connect matters… They could have develop their Nokia mail messaging..and Nokia chat view more to seem like new! instead of launching new models..

Anyways My next choice will be touch! 🙂 waiting for the best attraction company can make.. and choice can offer….



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