Either COMPETE or LEARN !!

Hello friends, Hope you all are doing extreme! Sorry for being away from the blog.
Writing after so long but hope you will promote this one.

Today, everyone talks, feels and thinks about it. We live in world of Competition, whether it’s school, college, company, society or country. We feel it from within and react also.
During my schooling I always found studies as major parameter to evaluate student in front of other classmates, schoolmates and teachers and in parents meetings too. In colleges things were up with some more parameters. As we enter in corporate world again there is a question. Who is best? Again it has some parameter like approach, skills, Education, Understanding, Thoughts, etc.

You talk about human, company or country, in none of case things can be alike exactly.
“Many of the things in the world are best and have done against impossibilities”

We Human-
@Sachin_rt, @chetan_bhagat, @Srbachchan, @Anupampkher, @mangeshkarlata, Ratan Tata, @Thevijaymallya, Sunil Bharti Mittal, A.R. Rehman. I think if these people were competing with others they would have never reached at where they are today and would never have been called best in whatever they are. Recently Sachin got recognition for people’s choice award in UK along with A.R. Rehman for music and Vijay Mallya was chosen as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ while telecom giant Bharti-Airtel owner Sunil Mittal was named the ‘Philanthropist of the year’.

We must understand things and learn from surrounding. Everyone has something good within it to learn from. Dreaming of being Salman, Sharukh, Sachin is not worth. We can always learn from them but “COPY” & “PASTE” doesn’t apply here.

Create Companies-
Talking about company we always think of word “Brand”. Blackberry, I phone, TATA, Airtel, Raymond, Samsung, Sony, Toyota, BMW, etc ruling the market and are more recognized than other players in the same segment. There are many parameters for evaluation and survival of Companies like sale, revenue, market share, image and stakeholders etc. In absence of any may result in harm to Brand image. I think Toyota’s Qualis is the best example I can put forward. In year 2004, Toyota’s MD Mr. Toyoshima banned Qualis model for India and replaced it by larger Innova as it was often used as fleet car in India. Although Qualis was generating high amount of sale for Toyota but despite that company banned it and stood as a luxury car brand. This decision was astounding but what management felt matters. There and companies doing business but if they have their own vision then they are called as Organization otherwise business is not a big deal. Companies are known for their uniquely.
Today Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Dell, Tata are known for their uniquely which makes them best in practice and best among others.

Country- live in Nation
America, Japan, China. Don’t you feel something like advance, above when you hear these names?
Talk about technology, resources, infra, automation, employment, Per capita, GDP, Government. These nations are ahead because their Government, people, communities have understood what Best stands for? They have no one to compete with. Use of optimum resources with effectiveness made them Advanced. It’s not surprising about them they have got what they deserve.

It’s our choice either we follow and compete! Or learn and put forward our “BEST” as learning for others…….

Hemant Trivedi
sent via mail for exchange for nokia.


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